Not only Rimini

Leave the 15-km long beach, ideal for sunbathing during the day and dancing the evenings away in the many night clubs, to quickly reach the most interesting destinations of the Rimini hinterland.

From the River Conca Valley to that of the Marecchia, passing through ancient medieval towns and numerous charming villages, you can enjoy all the history and excitement which these countryside locations have to offer.

The towns of Rivabella and San Giuliano Mare are definitely places to visit if you want to spend a beach holiday, but in peaceful and quiet surroundings. Ideal for the kids, in these towns you will find everything you require. Perfect locations for spending a holiday with friends or the family and only 2 km from the city of Rimini.

The youngsters can have fun on the beaches, under the constantly vigilant eyes of the bathing attendants, always attentive to every need, while youngsters and adults alike can stroll through the town shops or easily reach nearby fashionable resorts such as Rimini and Riccione, to visit the famous discos in the area.

Certainly not to be missed are the towns of Santarcangelo di Romagna, Poggio Berni, Saludecio, Gradara, San Leo, Verucchio and Montegridolfo.

Verucchio - This town boasts an ancient history linked to the Malatesta family and is mentioned in Dante’s Divine Comedy for the intense story of love and betrayal which involved the famous Paolo and Francesca, secret lovers whose story ended in tragedy. It is said however that this love story is contended between several castles in the area, among them that of Gradara.





Santarcangelo di Romagna – Known for its triumphal arch that stands as an entry gate to the town and for its winding climbing streets along which are sculpted the verses of ancient poets; definitely a town worth visiting.





San Leo – Ideal for a taste of ancient history and experiencing fantastic emotions, the castle of San Leo is one of the most fascinating in the Rimini hinterland. Built at an altitude of about 600 metres on a huge boulder, it has always boasted an atmosphere of serenity and peace, devoted to a meticulous and unhurried visitor.





Poggio Berni – Located between two rivers, the Uso and the Marecchia, Poggio Berni boasts an exceptional collection of ancient buildings rich in history and culture. Among the main ones are Palazzo Tosi, Palazzo Marcosanti, Palazzo Borghesi and Palazzo Astolfi.




Gradara – The imposing and majestic Gradara Castle is a big favourite with tourists and not only. The walk on the battlements around the entire castle and the charming landscape are just two of the reasons for such splendour. The rooms inside the castle recall the Lords who lived there, from the Malatesta, to the Sforza and the Della Rovere.




Saludecio – The town is just a few kilometres from the sea and is one of the main medieval towns which once belonged to the Malatesta. Famous for its towers, the elegant buildings and squares testify to a past full of wealth. This is a popular tourist destination.





Montegridolfo – Characteristic for being built in very ancient times, today it is a favourite tourist destination. Rich in history and famous for being, still today, a complete village surrounded by high walls; a hospitable place well worth a visit.

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