Spa & Wellness Centre - BAIA IMPERIALE****

Both during the hot summer days and in the cold winter evenings, the Spa of the Hotel Baia Imperiale provides its guests with total relaxation in a fully-equipped, elegant, intimate and enveloping environment, with a swimming pool with Cervia salt water, indoor and heated, with whirlpool, Turkish bath, sensory showers and even a corner dedicated to fitness.

Ideal for combatting stress and regenerating the body and mind, the whirlpool is very effective in neurological, rheumatic and orthopedic therapies. The whirlpool merges the principles underpinning hydrotherapy with the benefits of massage therapy: the pressure exerted by the jet, in fact, promotes the drainage of liquids, while the water temperature is relaxing and acts as a stimulus for peripheral circulation.

The Turkish bath is a treatment involving entering a room with humidity rates of 95- 100%. The layered mist present in the dedicated environment reaches temperatures of 40 degrees and more, which promote sweating and the consequent elimination of toxins. The entire body benefits from this treatment, including the respiratory tract and muscle tissues. The toning of the latter is perfect especially if the Turkish bath is associated with a cold shower (sensory showers), considering the principle according to which the alternation of opposite temperatures is able to promote extremely healthy bodily reactions. In any case, it would be simplistic to attribute aesthetic benefits only to a Turkish bath, because the effects of steam and the sudden transition between hot and cold are elements characterized by significant therapeutic properties. The complete treatment, in fact, is capable of opening the pores and facilitating the expulsion of toxins, making the skin more elastic, improving its appearance and purifying the body; it is also effective in the case of insomnia problems.

To increase positive feelings and relaxation provided by the Wellness Area of the Hotel Baia Imperiale of Rimini, all you need do is make an appointment and indulge in relaxing massages (on request) performed by professional staff, perfect for offloading prior tensions, as well as physical and mental stress accumulated during the day.

Finally, in the fitness area, you can find everything you need to stay in perfect body shape.

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