Rimini ancient Roman city

Like a multifaceted diamond, the city of Rimini meets every need and curiosity. Whether you come with friends or alone, as a family, for business or leisure, Rimini has everything you are looking for.

Rimini is an ancient city that has gone through many historical periods, from Roman to medieval, Renaissance through to the present day. If you love travelling not only to relax but also to discover new places, savour emotions, history and customs, you will be charmed by the great historical and cultural heritage which Rimini has to offer. If you are looking for a tourist resort near the city centre but also in a quiet and not chaotic location, the towns of Rivabella and San Giuliano Mare are for you.

Located about 2 km from Rimini, they are ideal fun spots for the kids and for enjoying a little relaxation on less crowded beaches. But Rivabella and San Giuliano Mare are not just for children! Young and old can have lunch on the beach in one of the many kiosks and reach the town centres with their shops and restaurants within minutes.

What is more, these resorts come to life in the evening and in just a a few minutes by bus you can reach the lively nearby towns of Rimini and Riccione to enjoy yourself in their famous discos. With thousands of years of history behind it, Rimini is one of the main and most ancient Roman towns in the area. Walking along, in fact, you will discover numerous ancient monuments full of history and curiosities.

Do not forget to stop for a moment to admire the imposing Arch of Augustus, built in Roman times by the Emperor Augustus. The Arch is 17 metres high, majestic and stunning, a symbol of great triumph for the city and one of the not-to-be-missed monuments for holidaymakers in Rimini. Next comes the famous Bridge of Tiberius, it too built nearly 2000 years ago and still open to traffic today. It is one of the oldest surviving bridges of ancient Rome.

If you prefer visiting the centre with its shops, bars and restaurants, a not-to-be- missed spot is Piazza Tre Martiri, so called in honour of three partisans who were killed there in 1944. At its centre stands the famous statue of the emperor Julius Caesar. A few metres away from Piazza Tre Martiri is the Malatesta Temple, built during the Renaissance and erected to celebrate the love between Sigismondo and his beloved Isolde degli Atti.

The City Museum contains the whole past of Rimini. Beautiful mosaics and statues of gladiators, old coins and amphorae, frame the famous works of the painters of the Rimini Trecento School. Evocative works in the museum enable visitors to enjoy an ancient past full of interesting aspects.

Recently discovered, the famous Surgeon’s Domus is another place not to be missed: it is a real ancient medical clinic, the walls of which are well preserved. Excavations have brought to light wonderful artifacts. The Domus features beautiful mosaics, furnishings and utensils; some utensils dating back to earlier times, including a hot water bottle in the shape of a foot and some medicines, are kept in the Municipal Museum.

Definitely a charming environment in which to spend pleasant moments. Do not miss the Church of Sant’Agostino, filled with frescoes by painters of the Rimini Trecento school, narrating episodes of life of the Virgin and St. John the Evangelist.